CT-21 | Premium
Name of each part
  • Wireless Charging Coil Position Indication Lamp
  • Grip
  • Touch sensor panel
  • Multi-function button
  • Height adjustable stand
Before you start charging wirelessly,
The wireless charging of the smartphone is built into the wireless charger and phone. The wireless charging coil needs to be exactly matched to reduce heat generation. It can be charged quickly.
To this end, the wireless charging coil position of the phone to be placed first... Please check it out. Most phones, as shown in the picture, have a phone's It has a built-in wireless charging coil in the center.
Power connection
Connect the charger and cradle with a C-type USB cable.
The charger to be connected must be selected by referring to the following specifications.
  • Normal wireless charging: 5V/2.0A or higher
  • High speed wireless charging: QC3.0 etc. 9V output or higher
If you are using an out-of-standard charger, the device may not function properly and be sure to check the port capacity when connecting to the vehicle's USB port.
Adjust stand height
  • Pull out the stand to the end so that the three tick lines displayed on the stand legs are fully visible.
  • Check the center of the phone and the position of the coil on the cradle. Check the leg scale line at the position closest to the lamp and hold the stand on that scale line. Turn it.
  • A light touch of the touch sensor panel with your finger or phone automatically opens the grip.
  • The stand can only be rotated in the position where the graduated line on the leg matches the arrow on the case side.
    If the length of the stand is not accurately adjusted in the above manner, wireless charging may be extremely slow or charging may not be possible.
Phone mounting and wireless charging
  • Touch the touch sensor panel with your finger or phone to open the grip automatically.
  • The touch sensor only works with the grip completely closed and does not respond to phones equipped with thick cases, so please touch it with your hand.
    You can also open the grip by pressing the multi-function button without touching the touch sensor.
  • Wireless charging starts when you put the phone on and automatically closes the grip. The multi-function button changes to blue at this time.
  • Wireless charging is not done normally in the following cases.
    • If the height of the adjustable stand is not correctly adjusted
      Adjust the height of the adjustable stand as close to the center of the phone as possible.
    • Insufficient capacity of the connected charger
      Use a charger with a minimum capacity of 5V / 2.0A.
    • If you have a phone with no wireless charging function.
      Turn off the wireless charging function and use it exclusively for the cradle.
    • If the phone case contains metallic materials such as magnets and steel plates
      Remove the corresponding metallic substance.
    • If the cradle is severely heated
      Stop wireless charging for a certain period of time to allow the phone and cradle to cool sufficiently.
  • If you place the phone horizontally, store the stand and move the phone left and right to rotate the cradle.
Remove the phone from the cradle
  • Press the multi-function button while holding the phone to open the grip.
  • When the phone is taken out, wireless charging stops and the grip automatically closes after about two seconds.
  • Allow approximately 2 seconds for the grip to close automatically before performing the following operation:
    Be careful not to jam your fingers when the grip closes automatically.
Wireless charging function ON/OFF
Continuing to charge frequently or while fully charged significantly shortens the life of the phone battery.
In this case, turn off the wireless charging function in the following ways:
  • Press and hold the multi-function button for approximately 3 seconds. The wireless charging coil location indicator lamp is turned off, releasing the wireless charging function.
    If the grip is open, the grip closes automatically.
  • If you re-enable the wireless charging function, press the multi-function button for 3 seconds or reconnect the power.
    The grip opens automatically even when the wireless charging function is turned off. However, the grip can be opened with a touch sensor, but it does not close automatically, so press the multi-function button to close the grip.
    When the wireless charging function is released, the display lamp is turned off.
Built-in capacitor (residual power)
If you turn off the vehicle's engine while the phone is mounted, there is a hassle of manually taking out the phone. This product can use the automatic opening and closing function of the grip for a certain period of time even if the external power is cut off due to the residual power of the built-in capacitor.
Grips that can be operated with residual power are opened or closed about 3 to 4 times, and wireless charging with residual power is not possible.
If you manually remove the phone from the cradle, it will be easily detached by twisting the phone in one direction and pulling it forward as shown in the next picture.
LED indicator information
The LED indicator on the wireless charging indicator operates as follows.
State an indicator lamp
Power ON. Turn off after turning on the white LED for 3 seconds
Standby status Front panel blue LED illuminated
Charging Blue LED on
Charging error White and blue LED cross-lit
Charging error (protection circuit operation) item
Overvoltage and overcurrent / Low voltage and low current / Overheat to stop charging / Metallic material detection / Out of charging position
  • Wireless charging may be slowed or stopped if the thickness of the smartphone case exceeds about 3mm.
  • The temperature at which wireless charging can be performed normally is 0~26 º C. Wireless charging at high temperatures or in direct sunlight, such as dashboards, may trigger the protection circuit and temporarily stop charging, which will cross-light the display lamps white and blue.
  • When wirelessly charging while running an app that uses GPS signals, such as navigation, the app may temporarily stop working in areas where GPS signals are extremely weak.
    In this case, press and hold the multi-function button for more than 3 seconds to temporarily disable the wireless charging function.
  • Depending on the type of phone, the wireless charging coil is built in an extremely high or low position than the center of the phone, so auto-scanning may not be performed normally. In this case, after receiving the stand, scan the coil position.