CT-31 | MagSafe Wireless Charging
Name of each part
  • Mark Maxafe Magnet Position
  • Spinning ball fixing cap
  • Charging indicator
Power connection
Connect the charger and cradle with a C-type USB cable.
The charger to be connected must be selected by referring to the following specifications.
  • Normal wireless charging: 5V/2.0A or higher
  • High speed wireless charging: QC3.0 etc. 9V output or higher
If you are using an out-of-standard charger, the device may not function properly and be sure to check the port capacity when connecting to the vehicle's USB port.
How to hold a phone.
  • Before using this cradle, first check the following information according to the phone model:
  • iPhone 12 and later models
    Directly mounted without a case, or using a case dedicated to max-safe for each model
  • Use of MaxSafe exclusive phone case for each iPhone 12 and other smartphone models
  • If you put the center of the phone in line with the circle 1 displayed on the front of the cradle, the phone will automatically attach to the cradle.
    This product cannot be used as a regular phone case without Maxaping.
    When using a regular case, be sure to attach the max-safe ring (sold separately) to the surface of the case before mounting it.
    Make sure you have enough magnetic force to prevent the phone from being detached due to vibration while driving before placing it on the vehicle.
Phone mounting and wireless charging
  • When the product is powered up, the charging indicator lights up white.
  • If you put the center of the phone in accordance with the circle displayed on the front of the cradle, the phone automatically attaches to the cradle and charging starts.
    If wireless charging is not working properly or charging is significantly slow, refer to the following:
    • If the max-safe ring position attached to the regular phone case is incorrect
      Refer to the manual of the max-safe ring you purchased and reattach the ring to the correct position.
    • If the connected USB power source (charger, vehicle USB port) is low in capacity
      Connect to a USB charger that meets the above specifications.
    • In case of severe heat generation due to direct sunlight, hot air conditioner, etc.
      Please stop wireless charging for a certain period of time so that the phone and cradle can cool down.
LED indicator information
The LED indicator is illuminated as shown below.
State an indicator lamp
Power ON. White LED on
Charging Blue LED on (with phone)
Charging error White and blue LED cross-lit
Charging error (protection circuit operation) item
Overvoltage and overcurrent / Low voltage and low current / Overheat to stop charging / Metallic material detection / Out of charging position
  • Do not use the magnetic card in the phone case.
  • This product uses powerful magnets, so never approach electronic medical devices.
  • To prevent the phone from being detached, do not operate the mounted phone with excessive force.
  • The temperature at which wireless charging can be performed normally is 0~26 º C. Wireless charging at high temperatures or in direct sunlight, such as dashboards, may trigger the protection circuit and temporarily stop charging, which will cross-light the display lamps white and blue.