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Item No. BS-24

Multi Angle

Features Specifications Product Manual
  • Multi Angle Joint for Free Installation
  • Super Strong Gel Pad Suction Base
  • High and Low Angle Adjustable
Size96 x 62 x 93mm
MaterialABS, Gel
Product Manual
Name of each part
  • STAY.
  • an adsorption lever
  • Rotation ball fixing bolts
  • Double-Sided Tape Auxiliary Board
  • a spinning ball
Select installation options
Select the mount type considering the structure of the vehicle and the location of the cradle.
  • High angle.
    Fold it short and hold it firmly without shaking.
  • Low angle.
    When it is installed at a low angle so as not to cover the front view when driving,
How to Install
  • Carefully select the location to be fixed, considering the height and distance of the cradle. To secure the suction plate securely, attach the double-sided tape auxiliary plate first and then install the suction plate on it.
  • Do not install suction plates on curved surfaces or material surfaces that are easily shaken or deformed by the weight of the cradle and phone (soft dashboards, fabrics, leather surfaces, carpet surfaces, etc.).
  • When fixing the suction plate directly to the attachment surface or fixing the auxiliary plate with double-sided tape, be sure to remove any dirt or grease from the attachment surface with the enclosed alcohol pad.
  • If the auxiliary plate is attached, do not hold the product for approximately 2 hours until it is sufficiently adhesive to the double-sided tape.
    Gel pads that have lost adhesion due to long-term use are restored by washing them with water and drying them completely.

  • Remove the gel pad protection sheet (transparent).
  • After setting the adsorption lever vertically, press the adsorption lever to adsorb it while strongly pressing it to prevent air leakage due to a gap between the adsorption plate and the attachment surface.
STAY adjust the angle.
  • Release the stay angle fixing bolt and rotating ball fixing bolt to secure the desired stay angle and holder position and tighten it tightly so as not to shake.
  • If the rotating ball is loose due to long-term use, tighten the rotating ball fixing bolt with a coin or driver.
  • If the position of the cradle is too high or too low, you can adjust the insertion position by rotating the stay in the opposite direction as shown below.
  • Check the state of fixation and adsorption from time to time so that the adsorption power of the adsorption plate does not decrease and the product does not fall off.
  • Adhesive gel pads attached to the suction plate may leave marks on the attachment surface if used for a long time. Traces can be removed with a neutral detergent and disappear naturally after a certain period of time.