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Item No. BS-30

Flexible 3M

Features Specifications Product Manual
  • Super Sticky 3M Adhesive
  • Super Mini Size
  • Flexible Base with Double-Sided Tape
Size35 x 35 x 28mm
MaterialABS, 3M
Product Manual
Name of each part
  • a spinning ball
  • fixed base
Installation Guide
Install the secondary fixing base with double sided tape in the following cases:
  • The wireless charging cradle is overheated due to the hot air of the air outlet in the cold season, and charging is extremely slow or frequently stopped.
  • Condensation occurs in the cradle due to cold air from the air outlet.
  • The air outlet is small and the clip does not fit.
  • Unconvenient due to lack of wind direction control.
  • Unable to bite the clip on the wind control panel.
Installation instructions and precautions
  • Bring the suction plate to the fixed area and press it hard, press the adsorption lever to adsorb it.
  • Double-sided tape once used cannot be used again. Please carefully decide where to install the cradle and install it at once.
  • Double-sided tape must be more than 2 hours after attachment for full adhesion. Please wait without connecting the cradle during this time.
  • Attaching double-sided tape to dust or oily areas does not create adhesion. Be sure to wipe the attachment surface clean with the enclosed alcohol pad.
  • It cannot be installed on surfaces that are easily shaken or deformed by the weight of the cradle (soft dashboards, leather cotton, carpet cotton, etc.).
  • The fixed base is lightly bent so that it can be adhered to the curved surface. However, if the bend is severe, it may fall under the load of the phone and cradle over time, so choose and install the flat surface as much as possible.