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Item No. BS-40

3D Slot Base

Features Specifications Product Manual
  • Metal Clip for CD Slot
  • Mini Size for All Types of CD Slots
  • Anti-slip Silicone Blade
Size57 x 56 x 19mm
MaterialABS, Metal
Product Manual
Name of each part
  • a spinning ball
  • fixed base
  • Slot Clip
  • clip holder
How to Install
  • Make sure the car slot contains a CD and empty the slot.
  • Turn the lever to adjust the three blades of the clip to level.
  • Position the clip holder up and down and slide the clip blade into the slot. Securing the clip to the center of the slot may bend the slot frame under the weight of the smartphone. Insert and secure the clip at the left and right edges of the slot as much as possible.
  • Turn the lever to secure the clip fixture by pushing the fixture inward to avoid gaps by fully adhering to the upper and lower frames of the slot.
  • Lightly move the fixture to make sure it is secured. Depending on the structure of the frame, gaps may occur on one of the upper and lower sides. In this case, it is okay to fix the top and bottom of the fixing table by turning it upside down.
  • If the slot fixture is removed, reverse the lever and pull it out.
  • Do not install the product with excessive force to prevent damage to the head unit or CD slot frame.
  • This product is dedicated to fixing CD slots. Do not install the product in any other part of the vehicle.
  • Fixing the product with the CD in the slot can cause the head unit to fail. Be sure to remove the CD before installing the clip.
  • Check the clip's fixation from time to time to time to prevent the device from falling off due to vibration while driving.