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R&D and Manufacturing

Next-Generation Technology


RITS has been manufacturing car accessories for over 32 years.

We focus on design, quality, research and development, and innovation of our products, which serve as the fundamental driving force behind our ability to offer products that combine practicality and aesthetic appeal.


Our company manufactures a wide range of products, with key product categories including smartphone holders, chargers, and USB cables. In addition, we offer LED products and various car accessories, and as a holder of Qi, QC, ISO, and MFi certifications, we adhere to the highest quality standards in these areas.

Product/PCB Assembly

Injection Molding


Materials Storage

Research and Development

& Factory

Our headquarters, located in South Korea, collaborates with major domestic and international partners on product development and design. Meanwhile, our own factory in Shenzhen, China, is focused on the entire manufacturing process for our products.

Korea Head Office

China Factory